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i got this email today from a guy named kole pointing me to his audio blog where he talks about the article...and my mistake in particular of pointing them to my blog where i talk in depth in a post or two about the issues related to diversity in architecture. i hereby apologize to black women architects everywhere for not representing aiight? i agree that it was a mistake to point them to the blog but i thought i had some articulate solutions in those posts...including, exposure, mentorship and funding how would i know they were going to spin it into "complaining" and not mention all of the positive things i said in my interview? i share his criticism of the magazine for not including more 'facts', perhaps a historical vantage point (who was the first black woman licensed?), or completely overlooking organizations such as NOMA. i have to tell you that something positive has come out of this in that, i have made some connections with people that i didn't know before. one example is, a black woman that works for chicago public schools in the capital improvements department contacted me after reading the article and i went to visit her and found like 4 other black architects! she related to the difficulty in speaking both pro architecture and also speaking honestly about some of the difficulties that women and people of color face. i hope to interview her and post some of her experience here. i am also happy to connect with others that have emailed, like kole and len. if the article got dialogue going...maybe its not so bad. i dunno.


Anonymous kole said...

i got all your comments and wrote you back but when i went to post the host server was down for maintance, urgh! o.k. i'll try to recreate now. I put a link on my site to yours because you are a black woman and i'm not. i feel if you have questions about black women in architecture you should ask a black woman, sorry for the misunderstanding. i discovered your site after reading the article and i'm really impressed. it's not easy to work and keep a well organized blog updated with fresh and interesting content. i hope i didn't come off as an ass on my blog. the negotivity i felt came from the writer and not the ladies. i felt it was spun to make you all look like victims instead of heroes or heroins ;)
part 2 of miss 0.2% will be posted soon its recorded but it's not edited. you can email me anytime about anything. thanks for listening and keep posting!


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