pecha who? pecha what?

PECHA KUCHA! So how mystical is it that my beloved hubster was just explaining to me the concept of Pecha Kucha last week...and then today I get an invitation to present at the inaugural Chicago Pecha Kucha night on May 29th! I am beyond excited...and totally honored that someone thought of me. I'm further delighted that the "someone" is Peter Exley of Architecture is Fun! I've totally admired their work, both from the design standpoint (children's environments), philosophy (mixing architecture + education), and at least at surface level their business model...the whole husband-wife team, doing what you love, making a difference...complete package. love it. and can't wait for pecha kucha!


Blogger Dubi said...

you left the "http:// " from the link to architectureisfun.com

Blogger yamani said...

fixed! thanks.


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