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i know. i'm totally getting my blogging card revoked for endless stagnation. well whatever i'm back for at least a moment!

pecha kucha was friggin AWESOME. i presented the typology for 'direct action activist architecture' that i did during thesis and am writing a chapter on for a book on placemaking forthcoming from Dr. Sharon Sutton and Dr. Susan Kemp. Martyrs turned out to be a great venue. the crowd was very supportive. food and drinks were abound so it was a chill atmosphere...and my sweaty palms and nausea prior were totally uneccessary. the tech guy from visualized concepts was AMAZING (and just announced to me today that I was too creative to be administrating..i think that was a compliment.ha!)...presentations were diverse and transdisciplinary which allowed for never a dull moment. my favorites from the group were:

mark teer, who presented an installation/performance piece with this 'apparatus' that responded to the body's movements (sorry I know I'm butchering that description) but it was quite lovely and innovative.

cody hudson, who of course andres was enthralled in and schooled me on prior to the event because he so enjoys this genre of artwork. my favorite project was one where he used a conglomerate of images of signage from various communities into a new composition and titled them by zip code. i totally want to see if he did one from my hood. not likely because its LITERALLY the hood but hey i might ask.

peter exley, who's work as i mentioned before i very much appreciate and admire. mostly because i think that A) design for children is a critical need area...speaking as an employee of the public school system, as a parent and also from I guess someone who is sensitive to environmental psychology issuesa. B) design for children is so often obnoxious and "dumbed" down as if children are idiots. he and his partner do it in a sophisticated way that is both child appropriate and adult friendly as well.

a guy who's name escapes me because he was added last minute (maybe his last name was BEER?...no seriously this is not the liquor talking) but who had a VERY compelling project proposal on the israeli|palestinian border and then of course...

mark dytham which i was most stricken by the pet architecture-esque "billboard" building and the heidi house (built for 200,000). This in particular because I spent the last week or so ago totally engrossed in a grant proposal to the state for a design|build and dual credit program for arch and construction students in which they would design and build a house and get a certificate from a local trade school for carpentry. i'm interested in how to do this with compelling design but affordably. looks like so far the dual credit is most fundable but i will continue to seek funding sources and inkind opportunities to make this happen.

on another note, how sad am i that i am not in NewO right now for what I'm guessing is going to be a conference of all conferences ADPSR, ACD, Planners Network etc. we REALLY wanted to make it down...however between kindergarten graduation (YAY!!!) and the end of the school year at CPS AND the opening events of the Newhouse highschool architecture competition which is managed by the Chicago Architecture Foundation (and their ROCKSTAR education specialist Krisann Rehbein) but ultilizes students from the city-wide architecture and construction programs that i oversee...it just wasn't going to happen. If you're in Chicago though go check out in particular the 25th anniversary exhibit in which there are 25 stories of alumni from this program who have ended up working in architecture...this is 25 out of hundreds. This program is becoming more and more progressive and I am so excited to see where it goes from here.


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Thanks for the compliment ;) And yes, mine was one too! What a great night...

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