currently working on submissions for a new journal of urbanism I got an email about.

and also this art+design for social justice symposium:

According to the link, The symposium focuses on how the tools and inherent abilities within the areas of art and design can be utilized in addressing issues confronting less advantaged groups within our local communities, states, regions or world. Somehow they have worked in an emphasis on aging...i'm not sure if i get that one i think they pick one 'social issue' a year for instance last years was about homelessness...i'm still going to send the stuff in.

and just finished a course proposals for marwen foundation which seems to be going toward acceptance.

check out: links galore in guerilla interventions here

and i ran across an interesting class 'social architectures':Interventionist Art, Social Design, and Cultural Change at UC San Diego. this looks like something i could maybe teach were i ever to be so lucky to land a faculty position...even adjunct.

contemplating ph.d....i know....i know...


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