wish i could see you there

wish i was in NY for the opening of:


5 New Architectural Species from the Danish Welfare State
by Bjarke Ingels Group

An exhibition at the Storefront for Art and Architecture, NYC
Oct 2 2007 – Nov 24 2007, Opening on Oct. 2nd at 6:30pm

The exhibition presents projects that are all specific urban experiments conducted in Copenhagen since January 2001 by Bjarke Ingels Group *. At different stages of realization they portray a new breed of urban life forms, both locally specific and generally applicable, introducing residential diversity, programmatic alchemy, urban ascension, modular mania and political pro-action into the architectural species of the Danish welfare state. The projects in the exhibition are the VM Houses, the Mountain Dwellings, the Scala Tower , Kløverkarréen, and the LEGO Towers .

The projects represents 5 specific takes on human accommodation and shows how the potent urban mix of different functions, public and private, can be infused directly into architecture itself. Each project’s effect and reception is showcased dependant on to what extent it is already manifest in the public realm, ranging from images of life in the VM houses post-occupation, through the 250.000 piece LEGO model inhabited by 1000 LEGO people, to the excessive political debate about Kløverkarreen.

glad I'll be here for the next round of PECHA KUCHA!!! on the 25th. See you there!


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