...i could have made it to this:

Tonight at APA: Involving Kids in Planning

Madison Street Corridor Revitalization
Involving high school students in planning for their neighborhoods brings new perspectives to the table and opens students' eyes to new possibilities in their communities. Tonight at APA, Doug Hammel, AICP, and Joseph Kearney will talk about Leading Community Change, a partnership between the Chicago Public Schools , Bethel New Life, and the Chaddick Institute of Metropolitan Development at DePaul University that has involved high school students in a plan to revitalize West Madison Street in the West Garfield Park neighborhood. CM | 1.0

Doug Hammel, AICP, is an associate with Camiros Ltd., a Chicago-based planning, urban design and landscape architecture firm. He has managed the development of several plans that focus on neighborhood revitalization, downtown planning, corridor redevelopment, design and development controls, and community involvement.

Joseph Kearney is program manager for the Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development at DePaul University , where he works to support ongoing initiatives related to planning and land use.

I also wish I would have heard about it through work since I work at CPS and it involved CPS students?!? AND I work to provide students with design based education!?! You would think there would be better communication between units etc. but alas...i think I will contact these folks on my own to find out more info. Sounds awesome and literally right up the street from where I live. kudos!