congratulations mr.president

i would be (and was) remiss in acknowledging the significance of this amazing day.

the inauguration of barack obama, 44th president of the US

the man is not perfect and i soooo loathe the messiah complex that some seem to have...but i have to say that i am beyond excited and wholly inspired. we have a president who understands urbanity, pluralism, and justice.

i remember him knocking on the door of my mom's house more than once as an organizer and as a young politician looking for votes. its a beautiful thing to think that someone so "on the ground" (not that there aren't folks more on the ground than he) is running this nation. i love it. i am equally excited to have michelle obama as first lady. not because she went to one of the same elementary schools that i went to and lived only blocks away from where i grew up (how cool is that???) but because if people weren't so busy worrying about her outfits they might take note and recognize her extraordinary vision. she was the executive director of public allies the domestic americorps and community leadership program that i did 12 years ago that really changed my life. i can't wait to see her agenda. this is a magical time for a paradigm shift that is long overdue.

shout out to reverend lowery's benediction for its profound secular significance as much as any prayer and aretha's hat.


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