1st day back at work threw my blogging game off yesterday.

for yesterday:

i've been wondering about whats up with Obama's short but sweet Arts Platform now that the economy has gone to hell.

my favorite part of which was:

"Create an Artist Corps: Barack Obama and Joe Biden support the creation of an “Artists Corps” of young artists trained to work in low-income schools and their communities. Studies in Chicago have demonstrated that test scores improved faster for students enrolled in low-income schools that link arts across the curriculum than scores for students in schools lacking such programs."

for today:

i find it interesting and exciting the ways that artists are addressing issues of sustainability and popular culture in their work. i recently looked at what artist torkwase dyson is doing in her latest stuff. i met her years ago through a mutual friend and remember being really intrigued by her earthworks. Dyson describes her work as 'looking at popular culture and it’s material relationship to the environment. Through multiple forms she poses relational questions of consumerism, environmental segregation, global economy and access to natural recourses'.

i would have loved to have checked out her exhibition at the corcoran last month entitled,

"The Rims Costs but the Guck is Free "

Comprised of paintings, animation, sculpture, and wall-mounted drawings, the exhibition is a satirical jab at the nature of consumer-driven society, commerciality, pollution, identity, and the difficult borders between race, culture, and reality.

this is especially interesting to me because i have often wondered...how your average joe livin in the/my hood could be reached regarding issues of sustainability. i think the green for all movement starts that...in the sense of exposing the economic/job opportunities of sustainability to those who are low-income. however just the self reflection piece...you know looking at the impact of how you think, live, act...it seems like art can help with this. a mirror of sorts.


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