38 block walk of alliance

Today students from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the historic South Side Community Arts Center (SSCAC) engaged in a series of happenings geared toward building a stronger network between the two institutions.

The event began on the steps of the Art Institute (which is now a whopping 18 bux to enter...hot damn) at 4PM, with a 30-second public Flash-Mob...10 performers with cameras posed as pedestrians to create a large 'Flash' kicking off the event. A symbolic '38-Block Walk' commenced down Michigan Avenue to SSCAC @ 3831 South Michigan Avenue, highlighting places and events along the way.see their class blog here.

Beginning around 6 pm, the walkers joined in the bustling activities at the Center which included a tea ceremony of local herbal teas (plants found in the hood!), a participatory video installation portraying the history of SSCAC's vital artistic community, exuberant conversation, massages, the production of a large origami sculpture, tap dancing, a photo booth creating documenting living history, a Home Cooking' performance and recipe sharing, a dumpling workshop, and tours of the Center.

At 7:00, participants enjoyed a buffet of Southern Soul Food from Pearl's Place, a bonfire and light projections. At 8 pm, there was a live DJ, breakdancing, and various musical and dance venues. This event is supported by the Southside Community Art Center, the SAIC Sculpture and Art Education Departments, and the Office of Multi-cultural Affairs and numerous individuals. i had a blast...my 3y/o got the party going like no one else could. good times for a good purpose.


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