Diversity in Design: The Diversity Pipeline

to readers of architectural record this article is redundant...but i feel it only natural to post this spotlight on design education. we soooo wanted one of these in chicago. i think the thunder of our efforts was stolen by:

A) the stigma of career and technical education (formerly vocational education)...and disbelief that we could actually do something innovative and cutting edge and forecast industry needs in this profession and the professing the PROFOUND value of design based education in developing analytical skills and critical thinking. SIGH. (i'm not bitter!)


B) the centrifugal force of the development of the new chicago ARTS school: "chi-arts". the arts community of chicago has mobilized and put an ENORMOUS amount of support behind this school (rightfully so...my mom got herself into crazy debt sending me to a private art high-school of the same nature after public school proved its limitations in arts education) . at this point i'm not sure if its redundant to have a design school in addition to an arts school...but it really is a missed opportunity to not build on this energy and gross need for design education. if only there were some SIMPLE way to let educational leaders understand the power and value of design. every object, space, text etc. has been designed and people don't realize that this education can lead to that.


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