i'm having a good day and feeling like i should not give up. gonna make a push to salvage this semester. there's still 2 months so i feel like if i just.try.really.hard. i can make significant progress. this piece by letha wilson
seems really interesting to me both aesthetically and conceptually in the sense that she's "framing" something that "we" the viewer usually take for granted. this is interesting if you think about it from a resistance lense in the sense that like the "occupy" events, they are calling attention to a group of people, set of conditions etc. that are taken for granted and/or over looked. i am thinking of doing something simple like this to simply "frame" an injustice or a set of conditions that i think are over-looked. i may also think of this where light is concerned..."shedding"/shining light on things that are normally over-looked or invisible. i'm going to attend a solar workshop with my artist mentor this weekend and hopefully that will glean some practical skill that could assist in doing something light related. slowly...(as hell) but surely...